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Claudio Albrecht & Peter Prock appointed non executive director of MS Pharma

by | Feb 24, 2020 | news | 0 comments

MS Pharma appointed both Claudio Albrecht and Peter Prock to serve as non executive directors of MS Pharma.

 MS Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in the META region with plans to grow into other international markets, having one of the largest sales and marketing networks across MENA and Turkey with over 2,000 employees. With  corporate office established in Jordan 2013, MSP recently opened a management office in Switzerland, in a town near Zurich, called Zug, home for many important pharmaceutical companies and top industry talents. The office in Zug started operating in Jan. 2020. MS Pharma can leverage its significant manufacturing capacity in its key markets for strategic growth in META and other markets. MSP is one of the fastest-growing companies in the META region and a leader in chronic disease therapeutic areas. Part of our strategy going forward is to play an important role in Europe, with our newly developed products being registered and exported to the European Union.

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